Mamak Azarmgin

Teheran / Iran 1968

BA. Handicraft 1997



Starting artistic activities in 1989

Passing theoretical and scientific philosophies, arts of illumination (Tazhib ) and Persian Painting ( Negargary ) terms of Master Dr. Mohammad Ali Rajabi, furthermore passing terms of basics of arts of illumination in such a short time.

Researches an analyses about artworks of prominent artists, copies and rational combining of symbols and colours in order to strive for advances and creating new artworks.



Artistic Precedence

•  Member of female artist's organization of Nihur

•  Member of female Koran Researcher's organization

•  Certificate for Professional Designing and Painting in 1992

•  Certificate for Professional Photography 2000

•  Artistic activities in: Watercolour Painting – Oil colour Painting –Persian Painting – Persian and Chinese Painting of Flower and Bird (Gol & Morgh) - Designing and photography

•  Participating in 40 domestic and abroad exhibitions



Domestic exhibitions:

•  4 times in exhibitions for Islamic Iranian Painting in Teheran

•  4 times in international exhibitions for Koran in Teheran

•  8 times in provincial exhibitions for context of Koran in Provinces / Iran

•  5 times in annual exhibitions for Galleries and Cultural heritage in Teheran

•  Participance in 1 st conference of embellishing of the holy Koran in one day in Teheran 2000

•  Praticipance in 1 st exhibition for professional embellishing of the holy Koran in Teheran 2005

•  Participance in 1 st exhibition of female Koran researchers 2004


Abroad exhibitions

•  2 times in annual miniature exhibitions in Sweden 2001 - 2002

•  Putting 6 cultural, scientific and art exhibitions in Loccum - Dortmund- Berlin and Frankfurt in Deutschland 2004